In the Pursuit in Higher Ideals

Top Ever Marine Management Philippine Corporation – its staff and crew have presented a united front in strengthening the technical Competency and safety Awareness of all crew on board thru its commitment to our Zero Deficiency Campaign and Our Health Our Safety Campaign.

This sustainable direction if further reinforced by our various training programs linked to our crewing procedures that includes government required seminars, safety awareness programs, PJMCC sponsored and Management Required Trainings. 

It is in this direction that Top Ever have able to establish a modest facility as a platform to engage the crew in multiple discipline required in modern seamanship.

Business Direction with Top Ever

We believe in the Filipino Seafarers.

Having a diversified culture that is mainly influenced by geographic vastness and values brought by tradition and religion, Filipinos represent a unique race in a way that their love and importance placed for family and culture transcends their well-being but nonetheless is ever willing to be away from their home to secure a better life for the future.

Given the archipelagic characteristic of the Philippines, Filipinos are natural born seafarers, given the right direction and guidance, we believe that the higher potential for Filipino Seafarers – now recognized as one of the best seafarers in the world – is still untapped and may present itself as a deep resource for the future of international marine industry.

We believe in our Commitment to our Clients

That passion and integrity go along with professionalism and competency in order to pursue a continual improvement of effectiveness and efficiency to better suit the requirements of our clients.

We believe in Us

Every year. 300000 Filipino Seafarers are being deployed for shipboard duty around the world. This number is growing every year.

At present, there are approximately 400 Manning Agencies in the Philippines vying for a good number of seafarers to be deployed.

We are a company that believes in our potential and capability for growth. The company endeavors to secure a respectable margin in the Filipino Seafarers deployed worldwide.

With our decades of experience in the industry, we have established a system that produces a stable retention rate for our crew, an active promotion rate – thus securing that crew grows with the company, keeping the level of commitment and loyalty high while ensuring that their skills and expertise are utilized by the company for better service to our clients.